Recalls on Cars

Recalls on Cars Article by Carstory "What is a Recall? What do I do if i find a recall on my car report?"

Recalls can happen at any time on any vehicle. From Ferraris to Fords, recalls are really a thing and there have been millions. When purchasing a car safety is one of the top priorities for many customers. Ensuring the car you’re buying has had it’s previous recalls  fixed, including air-bags, is a massive to-do before paying for anything!

So what is a recall on a car about?

Well, the potential impact that a recall could have can be quite scary. A recall can relate to almost anything that has to do with a car. Airbags, engines and windscreen wipers are just some elements of a car that have been subjected to recalls.

How do I find out about recalls?

If the car manufacturer knows where you reside they can send you a recall notice. If they don’t have your contact details they will find it very hard to find you. This could happen because you have bought the car from someone who bought the car new.

Our Car Story reports will tell you if your car has had a recall issued over a number of years. If you register for alerts on your vehicle we will also tell you about it in the future. We can’t find another service that does this across the market in Australia so we are quite unique in that sense.

Are recalls important to have fixed?

Well yes 100%. We put our parents, kids and fur babies in our cars so it is extremely important that we maintain the safety and security values of our cars!

Who pays for the recall to be fixed?

The manufacturer is required to cover the cost of the recall.It’s a defect in the construction or production of the vehicle, so it’s up to the manufacturer to have it fixed.

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